Budget Series:Azalea

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In this Series I make a deck using almost all commons and rares and any super that is less than $10 for a set. The goal is to get people to pick up and try the game for very little investment and give players an idea of what direction to go to. Due to the inflated prices of ARC at this time due to its recent release and COVID-19 ontop of increased distirbution prices I have left out any supers from ARC here.

Budget Azalea

Weapon:Death Dealer
Helm:Talismanic Lens, Nullrune Hood
Chest:Heartened Cross Strap
Gloves:Bull’s Eyes Bracers
Boots:Snapdragon Scalers, Nullrune Boots



3xHamstring Shot(R)
3xHamstring Shot(Y)
3xRidge Rider Shot(R)
3xRidge Rider Shot(B)
3xSalvage Shot(R)
3xSalvage Shot(Y)
3xSearing Shot(R)
3xSic ‘Em Shot(R)

Attack Actions=7

1xDrone of Brutality(R)
3xDrone of Brutality(B)
3xFlock of the Featherwalkers(R)

Defense Reactions=15
3xSink Below(R)
3xFate Forseen(R)
3xFate Forseen(Y)
3xTake Cover(R)
3xTake Cover(Y)

Attack Reactions=3
3xRazor Reflex(R)

9xEirina’s Prayer(AC)
3xSigil of Solace(R)

This build is simple you want to load an arrow each turn and fire it then defend kind of like in ARPGs when you play an archer just fire then roll back to saftey then fire. You can set up a few turn where you fire multiple arrows using Flock or Snapdragon as well as Sic ‘Em Shot and Razor Reflex however for the most part it is fire one arrow then defend.

Drone and Last Ditch Effort are our end game. We need this because there is a chance we can’t recycle Salvage Shot indefinitely. We only need one red for the end so I use three blue as resource because that is what it will do best until the end as well as helping me fill some blue slots.

This deck functions extremly well off yellow mana. Load with Death Dealer for one then fire for one is perfect and that is what I based this deck off.

Due to the lack of blue I have no included Unmoveable however I make up for this with a great amount of quality zero cost reactions. Being able to set Take Cover in the Arsenal then replace it with an arrow is huge and of course the opt from Fate Forseen is amazing. Red Sink Below rounds up the line up of quality reactions.

For the most part if it did not hit for four of more it did not make the cut with the exception of blue Ridge Rider Shot because it’s ability will trigger when put in the Arsenal anyway and helps round out resource as well as blocking for three.

As always we have the option of up to three Nullrune for Wizard as well as nine Eiriana’s Prayer. We have three red Sigil for Ninjas Kodachis and Viserais Runechant Tokens.

Don’t forget to head over to http://www.fabarmory.com and use code fabthoughts05 for %5 off.

Thank you for reading my article and I would like to take this time to remind and encoruage everyone to stay in doors during the Covid-19 Pandemic. It is a tough time but you can do this just stay positive and do not panic buy please. Stay tuned for my next article Shortly thanks again.

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