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Weclone to the first Arcane Rising Budget Series deck. Today I will be writing about everyones favourite Mechalogist(and only but that is beside the point). Here I will be using four supers because I have built this deck for MAXIMUM VOLICTY!(too aggressive?)

I am going to break down my deck lists even further to make them even easier to read and see exactly what is in the deck from a glance. R=Red Y=Yellow B=Blue AC=All colours.

Weapon:Teklo Plasma Pistol
Helm:Talismanic Lens/Nullrune Hood
Chest:Heartened Crosstrap
Gloves:Braces of Belief/Nullrune Gloves
Boots:Achilles Accelerator

Red Pitch=40
Yellow Pitch=18
Blue Pitch=16

Attack Actions=33
3xMaximum Velocity(R)
9xZero to Sixty(AC)
9xZipper Hit(AC)
3xOver Loop(R)
3xRavenous Rabble(R)

Generic Actions=11
2xPour the Mold(Y)
9xPlunder Run(AC)

1xEnergy Potion(B)
2xHyper Driver(R)
1xAether Sink(Y)
1xConvection Amplifer(R)
1xInduction Chamber(R)

Defense Reactions=12
3xSink Below(R)
3xFate Foreseen(R)
3xFate Foreseen(Y)

9xEirina’s Prayer(AC)
3xSigil of Solace(R)

You want to start with Induction Chamber in play to attack with your pistol as much as possible. Against Wizard you want to start with Aether Sink.

The point of the deck is to chip in where you can with the pistol while trying to get your deck pitched to the point of a Maximum Velocity combo. The absolute dream is a double yes double Maximum Velocity combo. Three Zero to Sixty or Two Zero to Sixty and one Zipper Hit using Hyper Driver for the mana gets you three boosts. Using the Heartened Crosstrap will get you the mana for one Maximum Velocity while an Energy Potion gets you the Mana for the second and with Convection Amplifer they will both have Dominate! This won’t happen often but you can also just hit them with the single Maximum Velocity twice over the game.

Braces of Belief act like a semi Opt allowing us to see what is on top then allowing us to boost accordingly, same with Ravenous Rabble. Fate Forseen is exeptional at setting up for us which is why I have included yellow as well as red.

Against Wizard all the defense reactions go out for the instants and vs Runeblade you will want to play the red Sigils for sure. Against both you want to use your Nullrune pieces(Hood and Gloves).

I went light on Items because as anyone now knows playing too many can really put you behind. They can’t block and drawing multiple is a setup for failure. I play two Pour the Mold to bring out a Hyper Driver and with “Go Again” I will be able to get another Item out of my hand either by pitching to attack or by simply playing it.

No matter the match up more than half your deck will be a boost target so the odds are in your favour. If you happen to boost away one maximum velocity it isn’t a big deal this deck can easily win with tempo and basiclly pistol whipping your opponent to death.

I considered playing red Life for a Life for Runeblade and Wizard but I simply did not have room however that card always hovers in the back of my mind for budget builds and even full price ones. You could play Force Sight but I opted against it(please don’t make fun of my puns). I also considered Enchanting Melody however as I have never played around with the card I am unsure how good or bad it actually will end up becomming.

As always thank you for reading my articles. Don’t forget if you need singles to go to http://www.fabarmory.com and use the code fabthoughts05 for %5 off the already lowest prices for a site you can find out there!

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