How to approach sealed play

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With Arcane pre release comming up in a few weeks I thought I would write up some tips on how to approach sealed play for those who are inexperienced.

First off it’s important to remember that every game is diffrent and to approach every game the same in sealed and even constructed play is a recipe for failure trust me I have made this mistake before so you shouldn’t have too.

In the case of FAB it’s important to remember that single cards have less impact than your entire pool as a whole and this is by design. What I mean by this is if you pull Crippling Crush it does not mean you now just draft Bravo, yes this does apply to other games however it is alot easier to pull a bomb and warp your sealed pool in other games than this one. Look at your pool as a whole and assess each class and don’t be automaticly dismisive of one.

In sealed you will play cards you normally would not have dreamed of because they just work well, for example blue Sigil of Solace works pretty well in sealed for Katsu(Ninja) or any zero cost blue card. Similarly any three cost blue card works well for Bravo(Guardian).

Assess what your generic pool supports and remember you need to have a gameplan on how to win. From setting up a big turn with Sloggism to defending and trying to win with Drone of Brutality.

Remember your deck needs to hit 30 cards at least so even if you have a few amazing cards in your class it is probably not worth making your entire pool weak. You will need enough blues to support your deck if you are a mana hungery class. You will also need enough cards that block for three, simply blocking for three makes a card viable the same with being blue this is why a blue wounding blow is perfect for Katsu in limited formats.

Also you begin with half life(this is even worse for Kano) so setting up a game shot is always a solid plan(Sloggism and Heartened Cross Strap are always good for WTR games) so remember cards that defend against this are also really good. The stratargy of chipping your opponent down and blocking also works but the important take away is to have a strategy and not just play whatever takes your fancy if victory is your goal.

What do I do if I have two classes I can play that are close in power? Assess each pool and calculate which one wins out. Certain tie breakers I use are if I have more equipment for one class over another or simply more cards because more cards is always good in limited play. If you can’t decide this is where personal prefrence can take effect.

If your pool seems bad don’t stress, just do the best you can and this is why you always want a win condition and a gameplan very rarely will you be forced to simply play as many cards as possible and hope you win a fatigue war but just remember that this is always an option.

Finally the most important thing is to have fun and learn. Failure and learning sets up for victory tomorrow so always try your best and keep playing because that is how you improve! Thanks for reading as always and stay tuned for more articles in the comming weeks as there is loads of fresh new content to explore!

P.S Don’t forget to explore for all your singles or bulk needs for WTR and the upcomming set. You can use code Fabthoughts05 for %5 off at check out too don’t forget!

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